Carrie Versfeld

Yoga and Bootcamp Instructor

I've been a lover of sport and health for as long as I can remember.  As a kid I was a competitive swimmer so I quickly grew accustomed to a lifestyle of hard work and dedication. I swam well into my university years which allowed me to see the world as a National Team member and develop strong friendships as a leader on the Varsity Team. For the last 8 years I've been raising my three kids but I have continued to remain active with little kids around. I always find a way to run somewhere with the chariot, or slip in a family yoga session. I've recently competed in two Half Ironman races.  Though the races are endurance based, I’ve always incorporated strength work to stay strong and injury free. The Yoga Strong class I am teaching at Fix Physio has the best of both worlds. The benefits of yoga along with strength work that focuses on engaging the glutes, stabilizing the core and strengthening arms and legs. I've always used Yoga as a means to recover from running, releasing the hips and training mindfulness and breath work. Yoga Strong is nice option for those who only so have so much time to workout in the day and enjoy yoga.

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