Mary Mather

Yoga Instructor

My name is Mary and I have been practicing yoga for almost 20 years. For me, Yoga started with a 'Rodney Yee Beginner Yoga for Athletes' DVD in my parents' basement at age 17 in an attempt to deal with a running injury, and over the years it evolved into a passion, obsession, and way of life. Practicing Yoga has provided me the steadiness of mind, body, and heart to get through life's challenges and enjoy life's thrills thus far. From my days of being a full-time student, to over a decade of working as a Registered Nurse, to becoming a wife and mother, and then striving to maintain my active lifestyle while parenting two young kids...getting out to yoga class or doing a home practice always felt like receiving the gift of time and space that I needed to breathe, settle and take a step back from life so that I could step back into it and show up the way I wanted to. Since becoming a mother, I have leaned even more on Yoga, and fulfilled my long-time dream of becoming a Yoga Instructor! It is truly an honour to share Yoga and its endless physical, mental, and spiritual gifts with my students, friends, and family. I look forward to meeting you.

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