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At Fix Physio we place the utmost importance on an individual's unique treatment needs. Our multidisciplinary team includes experts in manual therapy, dry needling, head injuries, functional exercise prescription, yoga therapy, pilates, and more. We will take crucial one-on-one time to analyze your condition and with you, decide on the best treatment plan for your individual goals and lifestyle.

After only 1 year of taking care of you, we have made the 2020 Top 15 Best Physio Clinics in Calgary!

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With top certified staff, we offer many services to help you get your fix

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We can't thank BreAnne enough for giving us the confidence to work through all of the stages after our son's concussion. We are sure that the protocol she followed not only got him back to play more quickly but also with the assurance that we were doing all of the right things for recovery. It is great that doctors are taking head injuries more seriously, but the generalized 'rest until they are better' leaves a lot of second-guessing. 


-Amy B.

Stop second-guessing! See BreAnne Henry, our Concussion Specialist, today.

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