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Adeline Yuen
RAPID Specialist (billed as Massage Therapy)

Adeline is a born and bred Calgarian who graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Physical Education and Mount Royal College with a certificate in Massage Therapy. Adeline comes from our sister clinic, Northern Hills Sports Physiotherapy where she has been since January 2007 and still currently practices. She is a member is good standing with the MTAA.


As a Rapid Specialist, her areas of interest are soft tissue dysfunction and pain. Acute and chronic pain - what causes it, how it is treated and managed is an area of interest that Adeline works to contribute to your overall wellness.


Adeline also does massage/manual therapy.


So…What IS Rapid NeuroFascial Reset or RAPID NFR?

RAPID NFR is new soft tissue, movement-based therapeutic technique that addresses the central nervous system's role in alleviating pain, tension, and restrictions within muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and nerves.


What does it feel like?

Every session is a combination of examination and treatment. The Rapid therapist uses his or her hands to evaluate the texture, tightness, and movement of muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. Hypersensitive areas are treated by combining precisely directed tension with specific patient movements.


Rapid sessions may be uncomfortable during the movement phase of the treatment. This occurs as the neurological system is being stimulated to restore normal function. Treating the body at the neurological level stimulates a reprogramming of the tissue – tight muscles relax, range of motion is restored, and the pain is eliminated.


Rapid treatments are performed clothed in comfortable attire.


Why choose RAPID-NFR?

Clients are drawn to Rapid because of the “rapid” or effective response to treatment. This helps active individuals quickly get back to life and living.


How many sessions does it take?

Most painful conditions are resolved in 2-8 treatments.

Conditions treated with RAPID:


Frozen Shoulder

Golfer’s and Tennis elbow

Low Back Pain

Sacroiliac Dysfunction



Vertigo and Tinnitus

Arthritic Joints

Carpal Tunnel



Plantar Fasciitis

Knee Pain

Quad, Hamstring, and Groin Pulls

Shin Splints

Baker Cysts



This is just a shortlist. If you are in pain, I can help! Call to book your RAPID appointment today!

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