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Adeline Yuen
RAPID Specialist (billed as Massage Therapy)

Adeline is the in-house Rapid NFR Specialist at Fix Physiotherapy. She has been here since 2021 as an RMT and her manual therapy is a game changer!

"I am a pain geek! If you have pain I want to see you on my table." - Adeline

Did you know? Rapid Neurofascial Reset targets free nerve endings found only in certain fascial tissue zones. If you've had a deep tissue massage and left feeling like they ALMOST had it, it's because these important sensory tissues, which directly control the immune and nervous systems, were missed. 


Adeline has cutting edge RAPID-NFR Specialist training taking her first Rapid class in 2021, and within 12 months she had completed the four courses: Upper Body, Lower Body, Advanced Rapid Techniques 4 and Core. She has kept up to date with the latest Rapid research and classes, learning and supporting her fellow Rapid therapists. In the near future she will complete the Advanced Knee course. 


The latest Rapid certification Adeline has taken is Trauma, Autonomic Nervous System, and Concussion. This hot-off-the-press class has brand new information and techniques for working with  people who have complex trauma, hypersensitivity, and may not respond as well to the intensive work of a typical Rapid treatment. 


These new techniques will help your vagal tone increase. If you've been working on stimulating the vagus nerve but still find yourself frequently in “fight or flight” or sympathetic mode, you may need direct manual work targeting the autonomic nervous system and the vagus nerve. 


This course also covers all the cranial nerves and the dura, how they contribute to a variety of pain and concussion symptoms, and how to treat these tissues effectively. And so much more!


"I look forward to helping you as I have helped many people recover from debilitating pain and restricted mobility!"- Adeline

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