Adeline Yuen

Manual Therapist 

Adeline is a born and bred Calgarian who graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Physical Education and Mount Royal College with a certificate in Massage Therapy. Formerly of the Calgary Winter Club, Adeline has been practicing massage therapy at our sister clinic, Northern Hills since 2007 and is registered with the MTAA.

Adeline has been influenced and inspired by numerous practitioners of the medical team from her days as a student athletic therapist with the U of C Dinos athletic teams. She continues to be inspired and learn from the amazing cadre of therapists that Breanne and Graham bring aboard.

As a manual therapist, her areas of interest are soft tissue dysfunction and pain. Acute and chronic pain - what causes it, how it is treated and managed is an area of interest that Adeline works to contribute to your overall wellness. Adeline does not do traditional massage. She utilizes a newer technique called RAPID NeuroFascialReset which is a neurologically based, active therapeutic technique that addresses the central nervous system role in alleviating tension and restrictions within the body. RAPID NFR is an evidenced based manual therapy technique to quickly and effectively eliminate pain.


When she is not working, Adeline enjoys yoga, hiking and camping with her dog, Rambo.