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Graham Matheos


*Currently NOT Accepting New Patients

I am the founder and owner of Northern Hills Sport Physiotherapy on Country Hills Blvd. I was initially interested in Physiotherapy, like a lot of other PTs, after being treated for several injuries as a younger adult. The profession enticed me with the work environment. I found PT clinics to be a laid-back environment to work in and an environment where the therapists were faced with a variety of challenging issues to deal with thus continuing to keep them on their toes and not allowing them to get bored with working on the same thing over and over. 19 years into my career I have found that I really enjoy my job, the social interaction, and being able to help individuals has been an added bonus.


I was trained in my hometown of Saskatoon at the U of S, yes I bleed green (Go Riders!!!) and furthered my skills with manual courses including being a Manipulative Therapist. I am a certified Gunn IntraMuscular Stimulation (IMS) Practitioner, which has been a huge asset to my practice. I emphasize client input to their rehab and educate them on anatomy, injury pathology, home programs, and ergonomics with regards to not only work but home and recreational activities. I find that the more involved a client is with their own rehab, the better they do in achieving and maintaining optimal health. In the end, it all adds up to being able to do what you love and being pain-free doing it, thus allowing you to enjoy it as much as possible.


I think this is my goal. I love work but I love to play even more. Mostly that is being able to hike, wakeboard, snowboard, mountain, motor and road bike, play hockey, and horseplay at a level that my kids are pushing me to. As they get older I find that my years of being able to beat them at everything is limited and I plan on giving them a run for their money for years to come. As a result, my own rehab and maintenance are important and I practice what I preach for the most part and so far so good. So bring it on Joey, Ellie, and Sammy!


Owning a clinic has been a great challenge for me in the past 16 years. Business has been something that I have learned on the go and I have found that the saying, 'you are only as good as your weakest link' holds true. I know that Northern Hills Physiotherapy has been a great place for patients, and workers alike due to my success in staffing. I pride myself in this aspect and put a lot of emphasis on whom I hire to ensure a great work environment and a great place for people to receive treatment. I hire high-level therapists, with personalities that fit our professional, relaxed and productive atmosphere. This has resulted in a culture that people like to work in and where clients get results!


This was no more true than with the hiring of BreAnne Henry in 2014.  With her ambition and talent, I knew I’d either have to go into business with her or lose her for her next challenge.  Thus we formed Fix Physio and here we are with the most exciting challenge in my career.

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