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Integrative Wellness

At Fix Physio, we strive to look at all aspects of your well-being.

With this in mind, we realize the importance of the mental and emotional side of our well-being. Judy Lefort has joined our practice and is here to help you find your inner peace. You will find her in our yoga studio, offering private and semi-private lessons, and workshops, and will be offering group classes this fall. Below is a description of a few key aspects of her practice, as well as fall class times. Email us for more information and to register!

Healing is a mental as well as a physical process.

With the right guidance and support, negative thoughts and feelings can surface. In a safe environment, one can accept his or her vulnerability and transform the way that they experience past experiences.

Somatic breathwork, embodiment practices, and integrative energy work are three strategies that have been found helpful in many ways, including but by no means limited to the moderation of the nervous system, rehabilitation from trauma, and relieving pain and tensions stored in the body.

Pain, whether emotional or physical, is experienced by every individual differently.

There are numerous ways in which pain is manifested and countless tools that can be used to cope with it or treat it.

The three tools described here are effective strategies that allow pain to be understood through a trauma-focused lens and, released through a holistic approach.

Integrative Energywork (IE)

Integrative Energywork (IE) is an inspired blend of reiki, akashic records work, and mindfulness techniques are woven together to support you in your life whether you are on a healing journey or simply wanting to nourish yourself more fully.

Reiki is one of the oldest and most versatile healing systems in use today.

It is a Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation that will also promote healing on every level, from physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Akashic Records are an energetic imprint of every thought, action, emotion, and experience that has ever occurred since the dawn of creation. Working in the records allows information pertaining to current life situations to surface so they may be understood and transformed.

Somatic Breathwork

Breathwork and trauma release are deeply connected. Breath follows awareness, and awareness follows breath.

Breathwork assists in regulating the nervous system, resolving held patterns and limiting beliefs, relieving pain/tension, rehabilitation from trauma including symptoms related to ptsd/c-PTSD, and anxiety in a subtle, non-invasive way.

Breath work can evoke deep relaxation and

a trance-like state which allows for thoughts and emotions rooted deep within the subconscious to surface, thus promoting the release of stored stress.

This practice can either be done either sitting up or laying down on the back, where the goal is to become aware of our breath while remaining conscious and relaxed throughout the experience.

Bringing these experiences to light allows one to witness them in a new way, where you can exchange vulnerability for empowerment and use that to remold past experiences into new ones.

Embodiment Practices

Embodiment practices use the body itself as a tool for healing through self-awareness, mindfulness practices, connection, self-regulation, balancing practices, and creating self-acceptance.

It is important that this level of deep self-connection is done in a safe, attentive, and non-judgmental.

It's not going to happen overnight... and that's ok.

In fact, being embodied should be something practiced in your everyday life.

The aim of Embodiment work is to build a "toolbox” of practices that explore the relationship between our physical body and our energy body. That way, we are able to practice healthy, mindful interactions between the body, thoughts, and actions which can help us to overcome life challenges that we will face in our everyday lives.

Embodiment Practice Examples:

  • Movement

  • Contemplation

  • Sound

  • Breath

Unmasked, Embodied

It can be easy to put on a mask and become a different version of yourself in the eyes of others.

We have all been there.

Whether it's a temporary mask or a more permanent form of concealment, it can be daunting to regain a sense of self-identity and shape yourself into the person you want to be.

Practices such as somatic breath work, embodiment practices, and integrative energy work as consciously provocative means towards change, where the invitation is to inspire you toward becoming the version of yourself that you TRULY want to be. All while maintaining your safety, integrity, and highest vision of yourself.

The above practices can all be integrated into Judy's classes. Interested in learning more? Visit Judy's website at or

Below Is A List Of Integrated Wellness Classes Offered At Fix This Fall!

Classes will begin mid-September. Reserve your spot today!

(E) Move -Tuesdays (6-7pm)

Capacity: 10-12 people

Price: $20

Mindful reshaping relationship between physical, mental, emotional, and breath body through this 1hr trauma-informed class.

Mind and Mats- Thursdays (6-7pm)

Capacity: 10-12 people

Price: $20

Focused awareness, resourcing orienting, and gentle breath techniques to regulate the nervous system and find "balance". Recommended for anyone struggling with:

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Anxieties

  • Pain management

  • Traditional meditation structure

Sound & Nidra-2nd Monday Every Month (7-8pm)

Duration: 1 hr

Capacity: 10-12 people

Price: $25


"Unmasked, Embodied" Self Awareness- August 20th (1-4pm)

Duration: 3 hrs

Price: $77

To sign-up for these classes offered by Judy, call (403)-282-2545 or email us to reserve your spot!


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