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BreAnne Colville (Henry)

MScPT, Physiotherapist


As a graduate of the MScPT program from the University of Alberta, I have been fortunate to have surrounded myself with many amazing Health Care Practitioners and continue to do so amongst the amazing team of professionals at FixPhysio.


At FixPhysio, the line between lifestyle and career has become a blur as my passion for physiotherapy stems from a combination of wellness-fed hobbies and a strong desire to help others achieve their best. I have worn many hats- from being a group fitness instructor to a lifeguard, to a dance teacher, to conducting concussion-related tests on hockey players. I believe in evidence-based practice and that by being part of the research community, I am able to remain up to date on the newest treatment techniques and principles.


I have always been involved in team activities, and that is how I choose to base your treatment. We become a team. You share your background and your rehabilitation goals and I share my knowledge. Together, we progress you back to the activities that you enjoy. This creativity and teamwork within individualized treatment plans is a key principle to success. My background as a competitive dancer has enabled me to effectively ‘choreograph’ your treatment plan to best suit your needs and your unique lifestyle.


I enjoy treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal injuries, vestibular conditions and am a Certified Complete Concussion Management Provider. Outside of the physio clinic, I enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, and taking every opportunity to enjoy nature’s beauty. I find that running helps to clear my mind, and dancing makes my heart sing. My hope is that through treatment of your injury/condition, together we can get you back to what you love to do as well. I look forward to learning more about you!

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